About Me

Hi ya’ll!  My name is Tess Victoria and welcome to my blog. I grew up in small town North Carolina and now I am your typical twenty - something who's obsessed with all things girly - makeup, skincare, and fashion.


I graduated from North Carolina State University. While in school I worked for Merle Norman Cosmetics which strengthened my love of makeup and skincare. There is no better feeling than seeing someone’s confidence increase because you made them feel they look their best.


I work in the financial industry by day and pursue my passion for all things beauty by night. This includes researching the latest trends, products, and brands in the beauty industry.  I hope to bridge the gap between the 9-5 working woman and the ever changing beauty industry that constantly bombards us with new “must have” products. There will be a mix of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. My goal is to use these three avenues to help all the hard working women out there be the most confident version of themselves by keeping it real and helping us all save some money. 


If you're someone who cares, then stick around, and if you've got any thoughts, rants, or questions please do share.

"If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."

- Anonymous