• Tess Victoria

DIY Flower Bouquets

It is much simpler than you may think to create your own professional looking flower bouquet. Plus it's fun to create your own bouquet from scratch....the sky is the limit!

What you'll need:


Your Favorite Flowers (from any grocery store is all you need)

Vase (I get my mini vases from the dollar store for small bouquets and get larger vases from wall mart)


How to do it:

1) Remove the flowers from the wrapping, trim the stems, and place in a vase with water and flower food(should come with the flowers).

2) Begin with one to three flowers in one hand and start shaping how you want the top of the bouquet to look. Add one flower at a time. As you are doing this make sure to cut off any leaves that will fall below the water line and any dead flowers.

3) Hold the bouquet you are creating in one hand with a firm enough grip as to keep the flowers in place but loose enough to be able to move the flowers and thread different flowers through.

4) Measure the flowers against the vase to see how short you need to cut the stems.

5) Cut the flowers to this length and place in the vase after filling the vase with water. Voila! Done! You may need to adjust the flowers some once they are in the vase to your liking.

Here are the bouquets I made today!

And here is a how-to video of some other bouquets I have made in case you need more inspiration!