• Tess Victoria

ULTA items I bought before my trip to Mexico. Which items do I recommend?

last minute items purchased from Ulta

Last minute ULTA items I bought before my recent trip to Mexico.....my thoughts on the items now...were they worth it?

1. ULTA tanning mitt This mitt completely fell apart after one use. I am not sure how much of that was the mitt's fault and how much was my fault for having obscenely long fake nails that I wasn't used to it. Either way I like the St. Tropez mitt better which you can get here.

2. Venus razors

I mean...always YES.

3. BareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor (in the shade shameless)

Okay I love the formula and color of this liquid lip! So gorgeous and comfortable. However, when it comes to lasting all day through a long beach day....my Kat Von D liquid lip put the BareMinerals lasting power to shame. With that said though I think this lip lasts great for a normal (non beach) day! It still looked fine at the beach too just touched it up a couple times.

4. Real Techniques Brush Crush Powder Brush

I bought this because I needed a new and smaller powder brush. Per usual real techniques came through. This powder brush is the perfect density and width.

5. Ardell Lashes These lashes never fail me. Although I didn't wear them too much in Mexico to be honest. The vibe was so chill and you're always in the sun so they are just not necessary. My favorites are the Ardell wispies, double up wispies and the faux mink line.

6. Loving Tan bronzing mousse in ultra dark

Can't live without this stuff. Well I can...but I can't own too many bottles. :)

7. Batiste The best dry shampoo ever. Surprisingly didn't hardly use it on the trip but I use it almost every day in real life. :)

8. Joico Blonde Life Shampoo & Conditioner Honestly I only bought this because it was on sale (the travel size ones) and I AM SO GLAD I DID. I didn't think about it before the trip but when you go to the beach on vacation you typically end up washing your hair more than normal so having legitimate shampoo that won't dry out your hair is a must. It was a life saver!

9. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes Always a must. You will come home late and not want to wash your face. We all know this.

10. Tony Moly Mask Sheet I take these on every trip. The only time I have actually used one on a trip was when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. So there's that.

11. Anastasia Dipbrow Promade I was completely out of this and needed it for every day wear. It will also last you an entire beach day...no matter how much you are in and out of the water. It's the best.

12. Kitsch Hair Ties I am still debating if these actually do not leave a dent in my hair....

13. Maybelline BB Cream

Although I did apply sunscreen every day...my reapplication throughout the day was pretty weak. For that reason I feel like this BB cream assisted in my face not getting burnt! Highly recommend.

14. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun Eau de Toilette

Straight up smells like the beach. It's also limited edition and the Ulta worker talked me into buying it. Now it will always remind me of one of the most fun trips ever!

Thanks for checking in guys! Until next time...

XOXO, Tess