• Tess Victoria

3 Legitimate Reasons You Should Buy That Faux Fur Coat You've Been Eye-ing

Three legitimately good reasons to buy that faux fur coat you have had your eye on... 1. Practicality...with a faux fur coat you will actually stay warm while waiting for your Uber in 30 degree weather this winter. Leather jackets may look great and be less bulky, but they are definitely not nearly as functional when it comes to staying warm. If you are already braving the cold in your boots and a dress then you might as well do yourself a favor and wear that fur coat. You will undoubtedly be thanking yourself later!

2. They will virtually never go out of style (just like Taylor Swift with that "red lip, classic, thing that you like"...sorry I had to). You can rest assured that the faux fur coat you bought this year will be just as trendy and in style next year as it is this year. This really is a staple piece that can add a pop of color and fun to any outfit. Whether it is red, blue, brown, pink, or patterned it is guaranteed to add the same chic liveliness to your winter outfit next season as it does this season.

3. Lastly, it can be worn with a casual or fancy outfit. So many times we buy pieces that are only good for one of the following four occasions: work, a night out, the gym, or a casual weekend outfit. A faux fur coat can be worn with two (or three) of these occasions- a night out, a casual weekend outfit , or to work (if you're a boss lady like that which I fully support).

Link to the coat I am wearing is here! It is SO soft and affordable!

For other amazing and affordable options check out missguided and nastygal. Pro tip: Never pay full price on these websites. They are constantly having 50% off so make sure to snag a coat during a sale (which occur majority of the time).

Thanks for checking in!

xoxo Tess