• Tess Victoria

The Subtly Edgy Piece Your Work Wardrobe Is Missing

The subtly edgy piece your work wardrobe is missing, that you can wear all year round....

We spend majority of our day in the office, 5 days a week...so the number one priority in my mind when it comes to work pieces is functionality. With this in mind, I prefer pieces I can dress up or down, and can wear from Winter to Summer.

It's easy to fall into the rut of wearing the same types of pieces again and again (which by all means makes sense because who wants to have to put a ton of thought in the morning into their wardrobe) but with that said let this serve as a reminder that you deserve to switch it up and add a new piece!

When it comes to a new piece for your work wardrobe...why not go for something with an edgier vibe. Something that has the ability to be dressed in a more traditional preppy way or a more funky, fun, and edgy way.

That workwear piece is the faux leather pencil skirt....

The one I am wearing is from the LOFT (you can get it here) and it is shockingly comfortable. I find it's more comfortable than my regular pencil skirts due to the magical stretchiness of the faux leather. This skirt will make you feel like you can do some squats in it!

The BEST part is it is only $24 right now! They are having 40% off items already on sale!

In the photo I have softened it up with a tweed jacket. Giving a twist to a traditional preppy office look. Other ways I love to style it include pairing it with a bright colored blazer.. or even better a velvet colored blazer! Using accessories as a pop of color is also a favorite of mine.. think bold pink earrings with a hint of pink in a purse or a pump to go along with it.

I sill can't get over the price of this skirt for the quality... trust me y'all are not going to want to sleep on this one!

Thanks for checking in!

XoXo Tess