• Tess Victoria

The plush twist on a classic piece that won't go out of style...

That piece is the velvet blazer and if there was ever a time to buy one...it's now.

Yes, a velvet blazer is an amazing posh and classic piece to include in your wardrobe.

It can be worn to dress up a pair of jeans for the office or to dress up an outfit for a party. It also looks amazing with a pencil skirt for a more corporate and dressed up vibe. It goes great with many textures from sequins to silk. It could be worn with a flirty skirt for a night out or paired with leather leggings to create an edgier look.

The one I am wearing here is actually a second-hand piece I bought from Tradesy. This is also one of my favorite websites to sell my own used items. I have a black velvet blazer as well from an end of season sale at Express.

Every Fall and Winter major retailers come out with different versions of this piece. I found some beautiful ones online this year but I was less than thrilled about the price point which led me to Tradesy. I will take a second-hand $20 piece over a new $200 piece on many occasions.

However, NOW there are so many great options for this piece on sale at the moment. I presume because on the fashion world's calendar...Winter is coming to an end.

I have linked a stunning option from Banana Republic here with multiple color options. Here is a less expensive option with lots of colors to choose from at Macy's (really want to buy one for myself ha!). One more great option at Nordstrom is here. Honestly if you search the web I am positive you will find countless options!

Thanks for checking in!