• Tess Victoria

One Piece swimsuits by asos for naturally fuller bust-What you need to know

I recently purchased one piece swimsuits from asos.com from their "FULLER BUST" line. This line includes different brands and sizes ranging from US 0 E/F to US 14I (Yes, one pieces with actual large cup sizes!). Last year I purchased a couple two pieces from this line and was discouraged because they fit so poorly. However, this time around I had a different experience and wanted to give a full review because there are definitely important pieces of information to note before buying! Scroll down below for my complete thoughts and recommendations!


  • First things first, for reference I purchased the two swimsuits on the left in the above picture. The black cut-out one is linked here and the green polka dot one is linked here. These are the two specific suits I will be referencing in this review. (I included the cheetah print one because I think it is a cute more conservative option for women who are not a fan of the cut-outs.)

SUPPORT: Do not be fooled by the models in the picture. These are not highly supportive swimsuits. This is why I included the suit on the far right picture above...which the site specifically mentions has underwire. I have linked that suit here. If you prefer a highly supportive suit then I would suggest choosing one that specifically mentions the underwire. The polka dot suit I bought I found to be slightly more supportive than the black one. The polka dot suit had adjustable straps for the shoulders and the back which helped make it the more supportive of the two. (The black one has no adjustable straps.) On me personally, the black one had some slight under boob action happening at times, but for me it was so minimal that I didn't mind it. You can see this in the picture to the left. In short - I will not be doing any excessive physical activity in these suits. Also wanted to mention that the ruffles on the polka dot suit make it appear much more conservative than the black one in real life.

LENGTH: I did not realize it until the day I actually wore the suit, but the suit did ride up more than I would prefer and ended up showing more booty than I am used to. It is important to note that I do have a long torso and am 5'9" so this may or may not apply to you depending on your height. Regardless, I still love the suit overall and will continue to wear it.

SIZING: I bought the black suit in a size US 8 E/F and the polka dot one in a size US 10 E/F. This is where my advice is to size up. In general, for any UK based site, I always must size up...regardless if it is swimwear or clothing! (Asos is a UK based site.) For reference, in Venus brand swimsuits I wear a size 6 or 8 in bottoms and 34 DD in the top. Cup sizing seems to be so diverse depending on the brand. With one pieces specifically, sizing up is more forgiving and usually the better move. (Also, I bought a DD/DDD swimsuit top from asos last year and it was too small). I really hope this was helpful for y'all! I think these one pieces are a great choice to try as a more conservative option if you are busty! If you all would like more reviews like this then please let me know!

XOXO, Tess