• Tess Victoria

the going out look you didn't know you needed in 2020

So you've spent the last 9 months in sweatpants... and no, it wasn't because you were pregnant..it was because well...2020.

My suggestion is to end this year in at least one badass, 'feeling like a babe' outfit. If anything to remind yourself of the the boss babe you are and how great it feels to get dolled up. You may just end up making some productive lifestyle changes because of it and if not, well no-one is judging...how could they anyway when everyone has been living life under lockdown.

I've linked the outfit I'm wearing here below. It would be very fun to wear for any small New Years or Christmas gatherings! I have linked a couple different options. Enjoy!

The top I am wearing is linked here. (Unfortunately the skirt is sold out.) Affordable options of skirts can be found here, here and here. They would look adorable with these also very affordable cropped tops(here and here) or with one these regular tops if cropped isn't your vibe: here and here.